List of top 5 social media sites

1.Facebook  - With more than 750,000,000 unique visitors per month .Most number of people all over the like to use facebook which is capable of doing chatting , uploading photo’s and video’s , comments , like’s and shares. Also user can able to create fan page , community , groups , develop apps  and lot more.

2.Twitter   -  It was mainly develop to pass messages between the people for a particular country .Later its became more popular all over the world .It’s mainly because of its smartness. Easy to send messages ,you can chat , retweet the messages , shares video’s and photo’s .You can follow the people you like and people may also woulf like to follow you .Its very easy to communicate with other and better for business purpose.

3.Google+  -  When it was rolled out google’s another media orkut was dropped slowly. Later many people says that , it has been created to compete with facebook. At the beginning it was very slow and not many users tends to use this. Later in the past 4 to 5 months it was in good peak .Almost more than 1 million people have joined google+ and now its really been a heavy competition site when we compare with facebook and twitter.

4.LinkedIn   -  LinkedIn was mainly discovered for business candidates. To know more about their profile history and about their business. It was been mostly used by professional now a days and very famous for its uniqueness. You can make deal and contact about any dealers or owners through this Website.

5.Pinterest   -   Recently launched site ,but have more intensity than any other site. You can share images and videos in this site. Easy to use , you can create board and share your activities in this website.It is having more than 85,5000,000 unique visitors per month as we compared to flickr and instagram.